Our research and content philosophy

The data revolution has only just begun. Today, more data is collected and made available than ever before. Statista is your trustworthy and objective data partner that helps you keep an overview and turn data into information and insights.

Our mission is to enable our clients and customers to make the best decisions. To ensure this, over 200 experienced and well-versed Statista research experts and analysts track the latest developments and current trends in over 170 markets and industries every day. Our pool of experts is our and your greatest resource here, as we believe that only real people can extract meaningful and contextualized insights from an abundance of available data.

Throughout our whole data research, analysis, and publishing process, our irrevocable quality standards take precedence above everything: neutrality, transparency, and relevance. But, most importantly, we always keep in mind that your trust in us is at the core of our work.

Researcher and analysts
200+ experts
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160+ countries
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Our Statista Research Department

How we work

Quality as the key driver

Statista constantly conducts independent, objective, and insight-driven research using more than 22,500 sources. All sources are continuously curated for relevance and reliability, and we naturally provide full transparency about them.

All content on the Statista platform undergoes a tested multi-stage peer-review process prior to publication.

All our market sizing and forecasts are based on the most up to date analytical measures and latest available data.

Always up to date and current

Statista proactively tracks the latest trends and developments in over 170 industries and markets by screening and evaluating thousands of external sources, reports, and databases. Every day. For over 160 countries.

Our consumer and expert surveys provide insights into current consumer and industry trends that really matter. The Global Consumer Survey alone provides up-to-date insights into consumption and media usage based on over 400,000 consumers.

Dedicated to insights and context

Our analyst team thrives on identifying patterns through a permanent, structured analysis of massive sets of raw data.
Our research experts’ main goal is to identify the underlying context in data to provide on-point insights.

To facilitate insight, we reduce complexity: We prepare the data in a very structured, easily comprehensible way, allowing our customers to focus on the real issues–and make the right decisions.

Behind the scenes

Briony Key, Data Partnership Manager
Briony Key, Data Partnership Manager

I am constantly screening the market for esteemed data partners in order to source the most exclusive and valuable data for Statista.

Ann-Kathrin Kohl, Research Manager
Ann-Kathrin Kohl, Research Manager

When preparing consumer and expert surveys, I love putting myself in our clients’ mindset to understand what insights would be valuable to them.

John Elflein, Research Expert Health & Pharmaceuticals
John Elflein, Research Expert Health & Pharmaceuticals

At Statista we strive to provide relevant and accurate data that can assist our customers from a multitude of fields and levels of expertise.

Amna Puri-Mirza, Research Expert Middle East, North Africa
Amna Puri-Mirza, Research Expert Middle East, North Africa

My work at Statista taught me to really understand data and facts – a value I apply for our customers every day.

Petar Sapun, Analyst
Petar Sapun, Analyst

As Statista grows, so does the amount of data used in our market models, making our analyses ever more detailed and comprehensive.

James Cherowbrier, Research Expert Financial Services
James Cherowbrier, Research Expert Financial Services

The most thrilling thing for me is to work out the dynamics and trends within my industry, especially how digitalization is challenging everything.